Vice President of Customer Success



Title:  Vice President of Success Manager


  • Candidate should have at least 15 years of customer management and success experience
  • Experience in the construction industry is a major bonus
  • Proven experience in business management and process improvement
  • A natural curiosity and a drive to succeed are a requirement
  • Mathematically driven with Analytical capabilities is a giant

Job Description:

We are seeking a VP of Customer Success at SmartPM Technologies. This person will be responsible for overseeing, managing and continuously improving the Customer Success process for which we manage and interface with our customers. The ultimate goal of this role is to ensure that:


  • The Client Success Group is managed effectively so that new clients are effectively onboarded via a process that engrains the use cases of SmartPM within their business concept.
  • Support resources are easily accessible and that our customers can gain access to clear answers to their questions on demand, through multiple avenues
  • Customers are clearly utilizing our software judged by a set of determined parameters (e.g. log-in frequency, purchased package utilization rate, percentage of projects that are “up to date” with schedules) and measures are taken to rectify any delinquent use.
  • Our Customer Success group is continuously improving to better serve our customer needs.
  • Decision makers within each customer’s organization are identified and relationships are built with them. Relationships are built around understanding overall experience, continued solutioning to incorporate SmartPM as a software into their business, and always seeking opportunities to continue to add value to their business with SmartPM. 
  •  A sound process exists to continuously receive feedback from our customers and applying it to our business and product.
  • Strategies are built & executed around converting key customers to enterprise

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