How it Works

How it Works

Beyond The Traditional Project Schedule Management Software

Beyond The Traditional Project Schedule Management Software

The Project Schedule holds more information than a human brain can store and process.  If understood, the project schedule can be used to drive your project and keep you from being blindsided by delays and cost overruns. What you spend your Contingency Budget on is a direct correlation to how much you know about each project.  The more you know, the less you spend on delays and overruns.  When you have multiple projects in your portfolio, it becomes increasingly difficult to know everything you need to know and you end up putting out fires and paying for it.

SmartPM is designed to extract high level insights without interrupting workflow, allowing you to monitor all of your projects through the schedules provided to you by the contractor.   Upload your Schedule- SmartPM’s proprietary algorithm  does the rest

Import Your Project Schedule

Project Overview Dashboard

Auto-Generated Reports

  1. Schedule Quality Assessment
  2. Project Performance Diagnostic
  3. Forensic Delay Analysis
  4. Schedule Modification Analysis
  5. Project Completion Forecast
  6. Weather Analysis
  7. Schedule Earned Value Index
  8. Schedule Compression & Feasibility Index

Key Drill-Down Insights

Schedule Quality

Grade the project schedule logic based upon construction industry standards and best practices


Address major issues such as; How robust is the critical path? Where are the potential bottlenecks? Are there too many items on the critical path? How likely is the critical path to reach the forecasted end-date?


Identify delays & impacts, in real-time, along with the ability to drill down into the top culprits.


Identify schedule modifications in forecasted activities that may be artificially compressed from the baseline schedule in order to identify potential schedule manipulations


Automatically receive historical, local weather data to validate project claims of weather delays.


Run analysis at any previous point in the project reporting to analyze trending, reporting, and determine where project issues began to develop within the project schedule.


Identify acceleration efforts embedded within the schedule in order to test schedule feasibility.


Analyze project schedules for likely scenarios and identify hidden indicators that are likely to impact the project costing & end-date

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