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What is SmartPM?

SmartPM is an Automated Project Controls and Analytics Platform™ that leverages billions of data points hidden in your schedule to automate schedule and project reviews while extracting insights so you can mitigate risk, control costs, and increase profitability.

SmartPM is designed to extract high level insights from your MPP or P6 files, in real-time, without interrupting workflow, allowing you to monitor all of your projects and manage project risk.  SmartPM pulls your schedule data directly from Procore to eliminate extra steps.

What You’ll Get


What You’ll Get

Schedule Quality Analysis

Schedule Quality – Once your schedule file is uploaded into Procore (or directly into SmartPM), SmartPM will determine if your schedule was built properly and with best practices.  99.9% of delayed projects have poorly built schedules.  

Schedule Repair – A detailed report will be auto-generated, listing repairs/changes that need to be made to your schedule to ensure quality and accuracy moving forward.  Decision making is only as good as the information available to you.

Scheduling Improvement – Overall improvement in scheduling standards and processes. 100% of SmartPM customers report significant improvement in their overall schedule quality and processes.


We have more confidence in the integrity of our schedules, and the software provides the ability to identify issues within the schedules and to develop plans on how to potentially avoid delays.

Dean Barber

VP, Confluent

Predictive Analytics & Risk Analysis

Project Health – With every schedule update, SmartPM analyzes all of the data and uses weighted calculations to gauge whether a project is in good shape of if it needs your immediate attention.

Performance Index – This index houses the KPI’s related to performance including Planned vs Actual, Schedule Performance Index (SPI), Critical Path Delay (if any), and Planned Future Acceleration based on the latest schedule update.

Schedule Feasibility –  Here’s your reality check.  This tells you how compressed your schedule is,  as compared to the previous updates.   As well as what the TRUE end-date will be if there are no changes or efforts made to mitigate delays.  Everyone’s been there: Your schedule may have an end date of May 2022.  But what you aren’t seeing is that, based on the data, it’s mathematically impossible to finish by that date and the actual finish date is more like December 2022.  


SmartPM has transformed the way Manhattan Construction Group analyzes project schedules, cutting processing times by a minimum of 75%.”

Joe Mannon

Director of Scheduling, Manhattan Construction Group

Automated Review & Reports

SmartPM Summary – Detailed analysis of performance for the last update period in a condensed format. In this report, the user will be able to assess performance, delay and compression on multiple project milestones. View a planned versus actual performance curve as well as a future planned versus predictive performance curve. In addition, critical path delays and recovery activities will be highlighted, for the previous update period.

Start/Finish Report – This report shows all of the work that should have started and all of the work that should have finished according to the schedule.

SmartPM Report – Executive summary of the project to date that empowers you with the information you need in order to have the appropriate conversation with your leadership team or field team.

OAC meetings are more efficient, productive and meaningful with SmartPM Reports.



SmartPM has enabled us to analyze schedules better, and provide informative reports to management.

William Pountney

Scheduling Manager, Hanover

SmartPM Project Controls


Every Metric you ever wanted at your fingertips.

Gantt Chart

VIew your schedule whenever and wherever you want.

Trend Graphs

SEE project performance live and in color.

Schedule Quality

Ensure accuracy & integrity for every schedule.


Know who, what, when, why and how delays were caused.

Schedule Changes

Identify any and all changes made between updates.


Share important Insights with management and field teams.

Schedule Analysis

Schedule repository for the entire project.

Calendar Analysis

View all calendar changes made to the schedule(s).


Model & test different versions of your schedule.

Weather Analysis

Determine past, present & future weather events by zipcode.


Quickly and easily edit project information and users.