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SmartPM™ Continues to Grow and Partner with the Industry Titans of Commercial Construction.
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SmartNews & Events


SmartPM™ Continues to Grow and Partner with the Industry Titans of Commercial Construction.
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SmartNews & Events


SmartPM™ Continues to Grow and Partner with the Industry Titans of Commercial Construction.
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June 26, 2022

SmartPM to Sponsor AACE Conference & Expo 2022

San Antonio, TX – Mariott Rivercenter

SmartPM is a Champion Sponsor for the AACE International Conference and Expo in San Antonio, TX June 26-28.  Michael Pink, CEO, SmartPM Technologies will be conducting a workshop “What I learned from Studying 15,000+ Construction Schedules.”  In his presentation, Mike will provide the solution to this problem by revealing what he’s learned by analyzing over 15,000 construction schedules for the last 20 years. 


December 18, 2021

Five Ways to Effectively Support Your CPM Scheduling Process

By Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM Technologies

The critical path method (CPM) scheduling process is not being optimally deployed within most construction organizations, and some may even say the process is “broken”. Despite having many talented schedulers, and scheduling programs that work well, the industry hasn’t successfully executed the scheduling process across the board. Some data even suggests that the way the CPM process was introduced to the industry has been a large contributor to the litigious nature of construction. This, in turn, has caused a more significant divide and reduced trust in the process.


November 7, 2021

Unlocking the True Power of Construction Schedule Data

By Michael Pink | Sunday, November 7, 2021

Managing commercial construction has never been more difficult. Projects are increasingly complex, more players are involved (often trade contractors instead of old-school general contractors) and the industry is as litigious as ever. Meanwhile, scheduling technology hasn’t evolved to keep pace with the added complexity. This disconnect contributes heavily to creating two key problems facing construction project stakeholders: overruns and delays.

An alarming 75% of commercial construction projects are delayed or overbudget, often due to mismanagement of construction schedules. But those schedules also hold the potential solution. Construction companies unwittingly collect significant amounts of valuable data through scheduling tools such as Primavera P6 or MS Project. Now all that’s needed is a simple way to make sense of it all—to understand where projects went wrong and how to avoid those mistakes in the future. 


October 22, 2021

SmartPM Technologies is a Top Fundable Company


SmartPM Technologies has been named a semifinalist on the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School’s fourth annual 2021 Most Fundable Companies® List. SmartPM competed against more than 3,300 early-stage U.S. companies to be named in the top 2% of applicants as one of 54 semifinalists listed. The Most Fundable Companies initiative assesses several company variables, including financial projections, market opportunity, intellectual property, competitive advantage and management-team expertise.

“We are honored to be a semifinalist, and the only construction technology company, on this prestigious list,” said Founder and CEO Michael Pink. “The success we have achieved in such a short time is due to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. We anticipate that our place among the innovative companies on this list will help us continue our upward trajectory.”

October 8, 2021

Transform Your Team With Better Collaboration Tools

By Alexandria Jacobson

“People hated that,” said Rohit Sinha, chief technology officer of SmartPM Technologies. Now, the company has switched over to just using one tool, HubSpot. It was a simple choice — the service desk functionality, question automation and attention to different aspects of the customer lifecycle pushed the team to fully convert the platform.


September 29, 2021

Top Five Worst Critical Path Management Scheduling Practices

By Michael Pink

Scheduling is crucial in project management and it’s one of the most effective techniques for planning, executing and monitoring each phase of a construction project. While critical path management scheduling is widely used and offers plenty of best practices to help ensure a project’s success, the opposite is also true: The industry appears not to understand, or simply turns a blind eye to, numerous practices that put the effectiveness of the critical path management scheduling process at risk. The following are the top five issues that, if corrected, would be game changing for any organization involved in construction.


September 27, 2021

AXA XL Launches Benchmarking Service for Subcontractor Default Risks

AXA XL’s Construction insurance team has launched a new schedule benchmarking service to strengthen their Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) clients’ risk management efforts.

“The global pandemic has shined a light on the importance of strong project controls to effectively manage risk,” said Gary Kaplan, President of AXA XL’s North America Construction business. “Now is a time when every contractor is very aware of the importance of keeping the pulse on productivity, supply chain risks, and staying ahead of potential impacts to projects. With this new service, we are helping our clients take stock of their scheduling practices and pinpoint where they might improve to drive project success – and subcontractor performance risk is at the heart of this.”


August 24, 2021

Seven Proactive Steps to Avoid Construction Delay Disputes

By Michael Pink 
Delays, cost overruns and disputes have long been part of the commercial construction industry, making the work of reactive forensic analysis by consultants and attorneys a necessary component. Yet many internal practices and issues within construction companies strongly correlate with projects that result in legal disputes and financial losses. There are seven proactive steps that can help companies minimize losses and claims.


August 16, 2021

Venture Capital vs Bootstrapping: Richard Pink Jr On How To Determine If Fundraising or Bootstrapping Is the Right Choice for Your Startup

“Weigh carefully the amount of money you need to reach each milestone. I don’t know of any good reason to raise a lot of money off the bat. So many companies come up with an idea, sell it to venture capital firms and hire a bunch of people, and they have no idea if they are even addressing a problem the market believes is worth paying for.”


July 29, 2021

SmartPM Technologies Honored as a “Best Places to Work” by The Atlanta Business Chronicle

SmartPM Technologies has been named a finalist for the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2021 Best Places to Work award in the small company category. We are honored to receive this recognition, and we congratulate all of the Atlanta-area companies who made the list.

Each year, the Atlanta Business Chronicle partners with Quantum Workplace to “highlight successful companies that are going above and beyond to keep their workforce happy.” Winners are chosen based solely on employees’ responses to confidential surveys. SmartPM and the other selected organizations will be formally recognized at a celebration at Zoo Atlanta on September 2, 2021.


July 12, 2021

Michael Pink of SmartPM Technologies: Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup

An Interview With Paul Moss

Don’t enter the startup phase with a bunch of investment money. Put yourself in a tight position, and be OK with that. Like I said, the challenges will make you grow. If you have a bunch of other people’s money, and limited experience, you will run through the funds and probably have to start over.


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June 15, 2021

How to Use AI in Construction—and How Not to Use It

By Rohit Sinha, CTO of SmartPM Technologies

Artificial intelligence—the building of an algorithm that can make decisions like a human brain does—is revolutionizing the construction industry. From technology innovations that reduce costs, delays and overruns to autonomous equipment that performs dangerous or difficult tasks for humans, AI helps construction companies operate better.  

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June 15, 2021

The Construction Industry is Improving with Cloud and AI Technologies with CEO Michael Pink 

Coruzant Technologies Podcast with Brian Thomas, CTO of Coruzant Technologies

Michael Pink, founder and CEO of SmartPM Technologies Inc., leads a team of experts to improve schedule analytics and project controls, serves clients, and drives the company’s culture of continual improvement and innovation. He founded SmartPM Technologies in 2016 which is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Michael is an experienced Construction Industry executive with 18+ years of experience in global capital construction programs. 

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June 14, 2021

SmartPM Named to BuiltWorld’s 2021 Project Software 50 List

ATLANTA, June 14, 2021 – SmartPM Technologies Inc. has been recognized on the BuiltWorlds 2021 Project Software 50 list. The list features leading companies offering cutting-edge project management technology and tools. BuiltWorlds is a collaborative network founded to push the built industry forward through innovation.

The Project Software 50 list consists of the construction industry’s innovative software solutions and is grouped in the areas of accounting and payment, business intelligence and analytics, collaboration and document management, enterprise resource planning systems, project management, quality assurance and control, and safety management and reporting.

“It’s great to see our cloud-based product, SmartPM, being recognized in the list’s business intelligence and analytics category,” said Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM Technologies. “We know that schedule data is the most complete and logically tied data set on a construction project, and we are pleased to provide a top project controls platform for construction schedule analytics.”

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April 14, 2021

Attaining the Iron Triangle for Project Success

By Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM Technologies

According to the Project Management Institute, project managers typically are considered successful if they can make necessary and reasonable tradeoffs amid the “iron triangle” of constraints—time, cost and quality—and still deliver on a project.


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March 18, 2021 


By Erin Schilling 

Startup founders must be flexible if they want their companies to succeed. In 2020, the pandemic made the path toward growth even more difficult as companies grappled with remote work and reduced industry activity.  To survive the historic year, flexibility wasn’t an option. It was a necessity.   Atlanta Inno and Atlanta Business Chronicle are celebrating the early-stage startups that made it through last year’s turmoil and are now set for continued growth.


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March 11, 2021

Technology Association of Georgia Announces the Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia

ATLANTA (March 11, 2021) – The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) today unveils the Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia.

TAG’S Top 40 Awards, sponsored by Comcast Business and Cherry Bekaert,  recognize Georgia-based technology companies for their innovation, financial impact and efforts to spread awareness of the state’s technology initiatives throughout the U.S. and globally.

“The Top 40 awards recognize and honor this year’s most innovative and impactful technology companies in Georgia,” said Larry K. Williams, President and CEO of TAG. “Each year TAG recognizes the Georgia-based companies that are focused on the creation, development and dissemination of technology to keep Georgia’s technology ecosystem in the global spotlight.”

The 2021 Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies are:

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March 6, 2021

The Future Is AI and the Key Is the Schedule

By Michael Pink 

Most useful intelligence on how to plan and execute large-scale construction projects exists in a place from which it’s nearly impossible to extract and analyze: the minds of project managers and superintendents.

Project managers’ and superintendents’ internal intelligence make them some of the most important people in the construction industry. They have vast amounts of experience and have learned multiple lessons from being in the field. They remember what decisions result in good or bad outcomes and capture that data in their heads. When they move from project to project, they use it to benefit their teams. In many cases, these individuals grow within an organization and carry their experience with them into corporate offices. This is how the construction industry generally works, and how construction management firms grow and advance—through the experience of their employees.

While worker knowledge and practical experience are imperative for the success of all construction companies, technology now exists that enables everyone involved in projects to understand them like project managers and superintendents do. It just needs help to advance.

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February 16, 2021

Atlanta’s startup SmartPM Technologies to expand to AI after tripling sales revenue

When the pandemic caused delays across the construction industry, SmartPM Technologies Inc. founder Michael Pink decided to shift his focus away from sales.  

It wasn’t that SmartPM’s product couldn’t help construction companies. The Atlanta startup provides software that analyzes construction project timelines and pinpoints areas of possible inefficiency. That capability could help construction projects stay on track despite Covid-19-related disruptions.  

But Pink took a different approach. Instead of advertising the product, SmartPM put out advice on how to manage through the pandemic in white papers, giving a strategic road map to get companies back in gear.  

“We did that a lot early on in Covid,” Pink said. “That sort of took a life of its own. It was really good and built a lot of trust.”  

Demand for SmartPM boomed in 2020. The startup tripled its sales revenue and raised a $500,000 seed round in early February.  

With the funding, Pink plans to hire five more employees. The 15-person team will expand the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, recommending solutions to construction managers after analyzing the data. The capabilities will be based on SmartPM’s analysis of various construction projects.

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February 11, 2021

Atlanta’s SmartPM Raises Close to $800K as Construction Industry Transforms to a Post-Covid World

SmartPM, the Atlanta-based full-service project analytics system focused on the construction industry, raised $785,000 through a group of angel investors.

Founder and CEO Michael Pink told Hypepotamus that “part of our funding will push us into AI and machine learning so that we can use datasets in a much more impactful manner.” 

The funding will also be used to grow the team up to 15 members over the course of the year. 

Pink, a Georgia Tech graduate, started working on the idea after seeing the pain points of putting together a large commercial construction project during his time as a consultant.

“Lot of times, projects were ending up in disputes. Half of the work we did was helping people detangle the mess of data that would ultimately explain what problems happened, who caused them, and how much it would cost,” said Pink. 

The platform analyzes schedule data, performance, delays, budget costs, and looks to asses deadline feasibility and possible risks associated with construction. 

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December 12, 2020

The Rough Road to Innovation and Digitization in Construction Is Becoming Smoother

When it comes to adopting technology, the construction industry is known for being late to the party. It’s a reality that’s often chalked up to the people in construction collectively being “technology averse” or “old school.” While such characterizations may be partially true, the overall picture is significantly more complex. 

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December 3, 2020

Pandemic Success: How To Minimize Financial Losses, Construction Overruns and Project Delays

These strategies will prepare your construction company to manage the risk and track and communicate the impact to control costs and schedules, and help avoid disputes arising from COVID-19’s construction impacts

By Michael Pink, CEO SmartPM Technologies

Never in our lifetime has the global economy simply halted. Yet, during the pandemic, it did — delaying a significant number of construction projects and leading many stakeholders to seek financial relief. A recent survey by the Associated General Contractors of America found that 75% of contractors had projects canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.

Despite the challenges, construction stakeholders can minimize risk and financial losses during the crisis. Here are the components of an effective action plan.

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October 26, 2020

Michael Pink, SmartPM Technologies (“Alpharetta Tech Talk”, Episode 20)

SmartPM Technologies Founder and CEO Michael Pink joins host John Ray to discuss how his company’s technology is changing the construction industry, in part by identifying and predicting a big pain point:  construction cost overruns. Michael also addresses how AI and machine learning will aid both contractors and owners, and how the pandemic affects the construction industry. “Alpharetta Tech Talk” is produced virtually by the North Fulton studio of Business RadioX® in Alpharetta.

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October 07, 2020

SmartPM Declares Public API to Connect Schedule Analytics Platform with Business Intelligence and Dashboard Applications

SmartPM Technologies declares the launch of its open application programming interface (API)

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September 11, 2020

Executive Profile: Michael Pink helps the construction industry get their jobs done

Even when the city of Atlanta and the country shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, construction, considered essential, continued. Michael Pink’s SmartPM app helps projects stay on schedule with its automated analytics platform for developers, project owners and contractors. With more than 17 years in the construction industry, Pink said he sees the industrial sector growing here as companies eschew other countries to produce their goods and services within the U.S.

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