SmartPM Stakeholders

SmartPM Stakeholders

Oversight Teams

Trust But Verify

  • Overcome the typical challenges around project scheduling and percent “Garbage IN, Garbage OUT” and the “schedule update fog of war”

  • Allows you to make your plan, work your plan, and audit your progress with a simple dashboard

  • Provides an early-warning system to easily manage by exception with improved project critical path transparency and accountability

  • In-depth schedule insights without being a scheduling expert or spend an inordinate amount of time

Owners and Developers

Don't Overpay for Performance

  • PDF schedules don’t provide the insights needed to keep the project on time and on budget
  • Gain an understanding of the issues behind the delays, adjustments, additional costs, and end-date slippage
  • Easily drill into schedule updates with easy-to-read analysis of the major changes that will impact the critical path and validity of the end date
  • See the impact of change requests and downstream dependencies in real-time
  • Simplify the project reporting and oversight relationship to improve project visibility and collaboration

Dispute Accountability

Easily Manage Differences

  • Easily validate requests for time and equitable adjustments
  • Simply upload your exported P6 or Microsoft Project data files and project schedule reconciliation.
  • SmartPM connects all the dots for you so you can avoid hiring an expensive scheduling consultants for forensic schedule delay analysis to determine accountability.
  • Gain greater confidence in the project schedule’s veracity
  • Allows for easier collaboration and shared understanding of the project schedule for better dispute avoidance