Works with Your Current CPM System

Automated Schedule Analysis and Monitoring System

Works with Your  Current CPM Software

Construction project schedules are hands down the best set of data when analyzing project performance, progress, delays, cost and schedule risk, and general project health.  If done correctly and often enough, in depth analysis of construction schedules can be the difference between a project that ends on time and on budget and a project that is over budget, delayed and in court. The problem is that it is an extremely tedious, time consuming and costly process to do this well.

SmartPM Technologies, Inc. has automated this process completely to arm anyone who has access to a construction schedule with everything they need to know to effectively control project schedule, budget and risks thereof.


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Owners Use



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Schedule Analysis Technology

SmartPM is unlike any other technology available in the market.  Our proprietary algorithms crawl through project schedules and extract meaningful data points that highlight schedule quality/feasibility, explain historical performance and highlight future cost and schedule risk issues.

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SmartPM puts the user in Control of the Project Outcome. We provide an early warning system that analyzes your data and pinpoints problems before they become debilitating both logistically and financially. SmartPM Software helps avoid expensive disputes and replaces the need for costly consultants.

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The term “Delay” is like Kryptonite in the construction world, particularly because it is often contested and usually becomes the center of any dispute.  Why? Because analyzing delay properly is not easy.  SmartPM takes out all the guesswork in identifying historical project delays.

It’s Simple

SmartPM can be used independently and with no disruption to workflow. Simply upload your data files and SmartPM will generate a clear and concise dashboard and report for all your projects. Try SmartPM today!

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SmartPM provides Project Owners the ability to see- in real time- what’s happening with their project/investment. Owners will be able to oversee contractor performance and highlight risk related to delays and overruns. SmartPM provides information you won’t always get from a contractor. At any given time, owners can generate a detailed report for that gauges historical performance and identifies future risk on construction projects.


SmartPM is a powerful tool that allows contractors to oversee their own performance, document & explain variances and identify historical, current and future problems. SmartPM Technology analyzes all available project data/information to generate clear and concise reports. Using SmartPM Technology, Contractors can easily provide detailed and transparent reports in real time or as needed.


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