SmartPM + Procore

Empower Your Construction Management with SmartPM + Procore

Our advanced analytics engine, integrated within Procore, automates the most complex aspects of project management, freeing your team to focus on what matters most – execution and performance.

What is SmartPM?

SmartPM is an Automated Project Controls and Analytics Platform™ , uniquely designed to leverage the untapped potential of billions of data points in your project schedules. By automating schedule and project reviews, SmartPM enables you to proactively mitigate risks, control costs, and boost profitability across all your construction projects.

SmartPM offers real-time, high-level insights extracted directly from your MPP or P6 files, all without disrupting your ongoing workflow. What’s more, SmartPM seamlessly integrates with Procore, pulling schedule data directly from the platform.

What You’ll Get with SmartPM + Procore

What You’ll Get with

SmartPM + Procore

Schedule Quality Analysis

Schedule Quality:

SmartPM rigorously evaluates your schedule’s construction upon upload into Procore or SmartPM, ensuring it’s built on best practices. With 99.9% of delayed projects having poorly constructed schedules, SmartPM offers a crucial line of defense.

Schedule Repair:

Receive an auto-generated report from SmartPM detailing necessary repairs to enhance your schedule’s accuracy. This precise guidance ensures decision-making is backed by the best available information.

Scheduling Improvement:

Experience a significant upgrade in scheduling standards with SmartPM, as 100% of our customers report marked improvements. SmartPM transforms not just schedules, but the entire process of project management.


“We have more confidence in the integrity of our schedules, and the software provides the ability to identify issues within the schedules and to develop plans on how to potentially avoid delays.”

Dean Barber

VP, Confluent

Predictive Analytics & Risk Analysis

Project Health:

Stay informed about your project’s status and preemptively address potential issues. SmartPM provides a comprehensive analysis of your project’s health with every schedule update, using weighted calculations to signal if immediate attention is needed.

Performance Index:

The Performance Index in SmartPM is a hub for KPI’s like Planned vs. Actual, Schedule Performance Index (SPI), Critical Path Delay, and Planned Future Acceleration, offering a snapshot of your project’s performance based on the latest data.

Schedule Feasibility:

SmartPM’s Schedule Feasibility feature acts as your project’s reality check, revealing the true compression of your schedule and predicting realistic end dates. It highlights the disparity between planned and mathematically probably completion dates, ensuring you’re prepared for actual timelines.

“SmartPM has transformed the way Manhattan Construction Group analyzes project schedules, cutting processing times by a minimum of 75%.

Joe Mannon

Director of Scheduling, Manhattan Construction Group

Automated Review & Reports

SmartPM Summary:

Get a detailed yet concise analysis of your project’s latest insights with the SmartPM Summary. Access your performance, delays, and compression on project milestones, including visual curves for planned vs. actual and predictive performances, as well as highlights on critical path delays and recovery activities. 

Start/Finish Report:

This report provides a clear view of all scheduled work that should have commenced or concluded, according to the latest project schedule. 

SmartPM Report:

An executive summary that equips you with critical insights for meaningful discussions with your leadership or field team. 


“SmartPM has enabled us to analyze schedules better, and provide informative reports to management.”

William Pountney

Scheduling Manager, Hanover

SmartPM Project Controls for Procore


Every Metric you ever wanted at your fingertips.

Gantt Chart

VIew your schedule whenever and wherever you want.

Trend Graphs

SEE project performance live and in color.

Schedule Quality

Ensure accuracy & integrity for every schedule.


Know who, what, when, why and how delays were caused.

Schedule Changes

Identify any and all changes made between updates.


Share important Insights with management and field teams.

Schedule Analysis

Schedule repository for the entire project.

Calendar Analysis

View all calendar changes made to the schedule(s).


Model & test different versions of your schedule.

Weather Analysis

Determine past, present & future weather events by zipcode.


Quickly and easily edit project information and users.