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Don’t Work Harder. Work Smarter.


Smart Resources

Don’t Work Harder. Work Smarter.


Smart Resources

Don’t Work Harder.
Work Smarter.


How SmartPM™ Delivers Quantifiable ROI


SmartPM reduced the time required to effectively manage risk from 2,460 manhours to just 492 – a time reduction of 90%, and an ROI of almost 8,000%….. Read More

Creating Schedule Based Project Controls in Construction


This e-book highlights the significance of Project Controls and essential metrics for managing construction schedules and budgets. Explore schedule quality, crew logic, earned value….. Read More

5 Breakdowns in Schedule Management


Managing CPM schedules involves navigating a complex landscape of risks that can significantly impact project budgets and timelines. With actionable strategies for ….. Read More

5 Keys to Analyzing Your Construction Schedule:


Approximately 60% of financial loss in construction is caused by project delays, which is why it is critical to understand the root causes of delays and cost overruns. Gain a deep understanding of how ….. Read More

How to Build a CPM Baseline Schedule


This e-book guides you through the methodology of baseline schedules, highlighting the importance of schedule quality, logic, and critical path management for effective project execution….. Read More

A Brief Introduction to Construction Schedule Analytics


Discover how of integrating construction schedule analytics propels your journey towards digital transformation and operational maturity in this insightful guide.…..Read More

10 Easy Steps to Build a Project Schedule


Save money on your next project by following these 10 steps. Developed by SmartPM schedule experts, ensure your next project finishes on schedule and under budget by….. Read More

DCMA 14 Point Schedule Quality Checklist


In 2005, the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) established guidelines to improve scheduling practice. These procedures allow you to monitor and evaluate schedules..….. Read More

Stop Construction Delays from Shrinking Your Margins


In this guide, we provide 20 practical tips to help you avoid the top 5 causes of construction delays. Learn how everyday problems on a jobsite result in critical delays.….. Read More

Video Resources

SmartPM™ – Project Workspace

Your most important project schedule information—all in one place! With your new Project Workspace, you can see all of your project’s most important information, making it easier than ever to track and manage key milestones of your project and its overall health and explore “what-if” modeling to maximize schedule management results.

How to Analyze Construction Schedules Like A Pro

WEBINAR- SmartPM™ CEO, Michael Pink, demonstrates how the SmartPM™ Project Analytics Engine translates complicated data stored within the Construction Schedule into actionable insights.

SmartPM™ – 1 Hour Delay Analysis

Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM™ Technologies, walks us through a 1 Hour Delay Analysis.  Webinar was originally recorded May 2019.