About Us


About Us


Est. 2016

SmartPM is a project controls, data analytics and delay analysis platform designed specifically for project stakeholders involved in commercial construction.  Our platform takes the guesswork out of project oversight so they can make informed decisions based on real data to maximize their ROI.

SmartPM was founded by Construction Industry Professionals who saw the need to solve a chronic problem in the construction industry; too many projects suffer from delays & budget overruns and often end in dispute.  After years of R&D, case studies, customer interaction and testing, the SmartPM team developed an automated project controls technology that gives owners/investors a level of control they’ve never had before.  The SmartPM system is proving its worth over and over on commercial construction projects of all types and sizes.  

SmartPM is a dedicated team of industry professionals with, collectively, over 40 years of experience working in different sectors within commercial real estate and construction.  SmartPM is passionate about innovation and will continue to push the envelope in achieving significant advancements for project management and oversight automation.



Michael A. Pink, PSP, CCE, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Pink is an experienced Construction Industry executive with 17+ years of experience in global capital construction program management, risk advisory and dispute resolution in the Power & Renewable Energy, Gas/Pipeline, Industrial and Manufacturing, Commercial and Residential buildings, Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Entertainment & Retails sectors.  Michael spent most of his career working as a consultant in the “Big Four” consulting environment working closely with owners, contractors, attorneys, and lenders on complex consulting assignments.  Prior to founding SmartPM, Michael started Construx Solutions to provide consulting on construction data analysis, with a specific focus on schedule management and risk on commercial construction projects.  Mr. Pink received his BS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and his MBA from The Stern School of Business at New York University. Mr. Pink is currently certified as a Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP) and a Certified Cost Engineer (CCE) and has authored multiple published articles on the subject matter.

Richard A. Pink, Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Pink is a seasoned Executive with over 30+ years of Business Management experience including Sales, Marketing, Business Development & Financial management roles.  Richard’s current responsibilities include implementing corporate strategy, sales & marketing initiatives, operations, corporate financial management, P&L, investor relations and strategic alliances.  Prior to SmartPM, Richard co-founded two successful Southeast Regional Banking & Lending Organizations; including Benchmark Funding.  Richard played a key role in the formation of Benchmark Funding while also leading the company’s sales & marketing efforts. Richard’s personal book of business regularly accounted for over half the company’s total annual loan volume. Richard received his BBA from the University of Georgia, Terry School of Business in 1989.

Rohit Sinha

Chief Technology Officer

Rohit Sinha is an experienced software development executive who has extensive experience with building new technology products and leading software engineering projects. Rohit Sinha leverages many years of experience managing teams and architecting enterprise solutions for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Rohit has extensive start-up experience having founded several technology & software consulting companies. Rohit has a BS in Mechanical Engineering & Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

Kevin Baesler

Vice President of Sales

Kevin Baesler is an accomplished Business Executive with over 20 years success in sales, sales management, and operations in privately held and publicly traded companies.  Kevin has built strong sales teams for all areas of corporate and small businesses including start-up, turn-around, mid-market, in both large and small organizations.  Kevin graduated from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and served as a Captain in the US Marine Corps prior to entering the private sector.

Billy Upchurch

Co-Founder & Director of Client Services

Billy Upchurch has over 10+ years in construction management, construction delay analysis, project oversight, risk advisory, dispute resolution, and construction delivery systems. Billy has extensive project work experience across a broad range of project sectors including real estate developments (residential, commercial, healthcare, and pharmaceutical), transport infrastructure projects (including airports, heavy rail, and roads), energy & power projects (coal, wind turbine, and nuclear), and other private & public sector projects.  Billy’s consulting experience has taken him to Dubai, Moscow, Doha, Ukraine, Abu Dhabi, Panama, Madagascar, the United Kingdom, and Brazil; as well as substantial stints stationed in Hong Kong & Singapore. Billy received a BSBC from the Georgia Institute of Technology Degree with his field Of Study in Building Construction with Minor in Law, Science, and Technology.

Jaime Buice

Marketing and Sales

Jaime Buice has 15+ years of management experience in marketing communications & operations. Jaime has extensive creative design, digital marketing, content development, and marketing program experience in both direct management and consulting capacities. Jaime received her A.B. degree in Communications from the University of Georgia.