Customers & Case Studies


Customers & Case Studies


Companies like JP Morgan, Wood Partners, Stoneleigh and large national insurance carriers, along with federal and state agencies have all adopted SmartPM™ technology to effectively manage risk, enforce best practices, and ultimately, achieve ongoing project success. But don’t take our word for it.

“The SmartPM software accomplished in 15 minutes what took me almost three weeks to figure out.  SmartPM took 20 schedules and came up with an as-built critical path in minutes along with support data that I didn’t even think I needed. It’s truly just unbelievable.”

Jon Grove, PSP January 23, 2019

“SmartPM has saved us approximately $700k on our first engagement, minimizing traditional project oversight fees, such as construction schedule consultant and legal fees coupled with the elimination of several delay claims by the contractor. We plan to use them on all of our new development projects going forward.”

Ryan Swingruber VP of Development Stoneleigh Companies February 13, 2019

“Mike Pink and the SmartPM Team have provided Wood Partners with the missing link we have needed to effectively control our budgets and timelines for our commercial development projects. By importing project schedules into SmartPM, we can now manage our projects’ timelines offensively instead of defensively.   Using the SmartPM system, we are now driving the successful outcome of our projects effectively instead of waiting with our fingers crossed until the ball inevitably drops"

Will Chapell VP of Development Wood Partners February 13, 2019

Case Studies

Wood Partners
National Insurance Carrier

The Power of Construction Schedule Data

Unlock the True Power

An alarming 75% of commercial construction projects are delayed and/or over budget. One major reason for this problem is mismanagement of construction schedules. A successful construction project must begin with a well-conceived, executable schedule.  All the information required to determine the success or failure of a project is contained within the schedule.

The problem is there has never been a simple, cost-effective, or reliable way to analyze construction schedules.

Until now.