How SmartPM™ Delivers Quantifiable ROI


SmartPM™ was built to help Construction Project Stakeholders better understand the root causes of their project delays and overruns– all while managing more risk and saving more time and money. For example, in the case of a company that used a manual process to analyze five $25M projects concurrently over the course of a year, SmartPM™ reduced the time required to effectively manage risk from 2,460 manhours to just 492 – a time reduction of 90%, and an ROI of almost 8,000%….. Read More

SmartPM™ – Automated Schedule Analytics:

A Technical Whitepaper

According to a recent study by FMI, global construction waste amounts to a financial loss of $1.4 Trillion. Similar industry studies demonstrate that approximately 60% of this loss is caused by project delays, which is why it is critical to understand the root causes of delays and cost overruns. But to do so requires….. Read More

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1 Hour Delay Analysis


Why is Delay Analysis

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